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deconstructing my life, one house of cards at a time

25 September 1982
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My name is Nolan. Online, I often call myself Kwirq. Right now I'm just trying to figure some things out.
abstraction layers, being terminally shy, cheerful bitterness, collected postcards as wallpaper, cruel and unusual pun-ishment, doctor who, facetious indignance, giving and receiving backrubs, graphing things over time, hating norm cholak, hating you all (more), hiding behind humour, improper cups of tea, l33t skillz, laziness as lifestyle, leitmotivs, living near whyte ave., lonely rolling stars, mathematics and philosophy, mocking typical livejournal users, moleskines and other extravagances, my reign of error, mysql+php+xhtml+css, nethack, neutral male gnomish wizards, pirates/ninjas/vampires/dragons, playful grammar, playing badminton (albeit poorly), ranma ½ fanfiction, rechecking my assumptions, ridiculous amounts of tea, schemes for world domination, severe prolonged sleep deprivation, sf and f, shout-outs to fellow left-handers, sufficiently-advanced technology, transhumanism, unabashed geekiness, unserious solipsism, used-book stores and libraries, winning at losing, www.kwirq.com